3 Words of Wisdom From Michael Jackson

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michael jackson make that change

I was never is big Michael Jackson fan, even though I grew up in the “Thriller era.” But despite that, my all-time favorite  Michael Jackson song has always beenMan in the Mirror.” That song is a classic; it never gets old. It’s inspiring.  It’s uplifting. It makes you feel as if you can take on anything and become the great soul you were destined to be.

Still to this day, when I hear this song, I feel as if I can take on the world and no change is too hard. There is so much power in that song, its crazy.  In the days after Michael passed, when that song would come on the radio, I would literally break down and weep. Uncontrollably.  Yup, the song is that powerful. Or maybe its just the power of music in general, I’m not sure, but there is just something about that tune.

But what about when its comes time to make real change?

Making changes in life is hard.  It takes bravery, determination and will power.  Change isn’t suppose to be easy. In fact, it is usually during times of change that we experience huge leaps in personal growth.

What changes do you want to make in your life?  Do you want to quite your day job that you loathe and start taking steps to create a career you love?  Let go of a toxic relationship? Move to a new city?   Lose weight?  Get healthy?  The choice is yours.

Since making changes throughout life is inevitable, I thought it would be helpful to have a few tools available to help us navigate through times when making changes seems like climbing Mt. Everest…But remember this…


 8 Steps to Help You Make That Change

1. Get Inspired 

What does it mean to have an inspired mind? It means to trust your instincts and move yourself forward into a space that is interesting, joyful and alive! Inspiration is your creative spirit, moving through you and guiding you forward in life. When your thoughts and words are inspired, it naturally flows through to your actions. The inspired mind fine-tunes your body into an instrument able to make beautiful music in concert with the world around you.

2. Be grateful for what is.

Gratitude changes everything, and produces miraculous results. Giving to others creates a circle of giving that comes back to you multiplied.  The key is to open your heart and unleash the powerful love force that is within. It may take some practice, but you can do this,  and as you do, you will find  yourself getting caught up in a unending flow of positive juju energy!

 3. Start Giving

MJ was a pro at this. He gave relentlessly; weather it was money or giving of his time and love. He visited countless orphanages all over the world. He didn’t sit around and complain about the state of humanity; he took action.  He wrote songs that promoted peace, he gave back.  If you want to make a change in your life stop procrastinating and just do it. Stop obsessing about how hard it will be and start giving back.

4. Be the change you want to see in your life

You must be willing to imagine what it would feel like to have already achieved your goal or aspiration. You have to change the way you think at the deepest level of your mind. The difference between one who merely reads books and  the one who is ultimately successful is the one who learns how to take action. You must be willing to take on the thoughts, beliefs and actions of your desire. You might have good intentions, but nothing will happen if you sit back and wait for the magic to happen. There is simply no substitute for taking action. You may have the best ideas around, but if you fail to take action, someone else will succeed and you will fail. Even the most inspiring person in the world will get run over if they stay in the same place for too long. Action is what turns inspiration into success.

5. Change your thoughts, change your life, its not cliche…It works.

Your mind is a very powerful tool and you can use your brilliant mind to literally reshape your life.  If you can see it, feel it and be it in every sense of the word, eventually you will start to believe that you can actually achieve success.

6. Stop making excuses.  Get to work.

There is no replacement for taking action. If you want to see something get done, then get up, get busy and start the ball rolling! There is no time like the present.  You can’t always wait for the perfect moment or the perfect opportunity because I guarantee you something will always stand in the way or someone will always beat you to the punch. The old saying of “Life is what happens, when you’re busy making other plans” is certainly true in this case because nothing happens when you are standing still. If you fail to take action, the best laid plans go to waste.

7. Move through the fear

Life can be an amazing adventure, but you have to be willing to get out there and get on stage. You need to get over being afraid and you need to be comfortable being the center of attention.

Everyone gets stage fright because everyone is terrified that they will make a mistake or fail miserably. You know what? Some of the biggest movie stars in the world just happen to be painfully shy people, but that never stopped them from chasing their dream. It’s okay to fail; that’s how we learn.

8. Be clear about what it is you really want

In order to be the change you want to see in your life, you need to get very clear about what it is you want.  When you begin to align your life in support of your specific needs and desires, everything in the world conspires to support you.

Imagine a world where thoughts became things in the blink of an eye? Would this change how you view the world? Would this change the way you think and feel moment by moment? You bet it would. If you could instantly manifest, the world might actually be a very scary place because most of us are not actively monitoring our thoughts.

To be the change you want to see, you have to change the way you think at every level of the mind. You need to calm the self-talk and ensure that your thoughts are focused on what it is you want, not what it is you DON’T WANT.

So many of us use our self-talk or that inner voice as a complaint mechanism but the fact of the matter is that you are whatever we think we are. The truth is that eventually, thoughts realty do become things, there is just a time delay. Imagine that for a moment.

What kinds of things are you attracting into your life? If you don’t like what is around you, try changing your thoughts, and be aware of what starts to unfold your life; it’s as simple as that. Really.

You’ve got this.

Make that change.

Take it from the man himself…


Stop and reflect….

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.—Eleanor Roosevelt

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  1. Ann says

    I absolutely love this post. It relays everything that I believe and echoes everything I’ve been doing in my own life for a few years now. I was a workaholic. Very motivated to be successful. I thought the only way to be successful was to be wealthy.
    When I became a mother, my focus shifted. I knew that I’d simply been a sheep who was being herded to make someone ELSE successful. So, I began the long journey of working for myself. It has not been easy. I’m not rich. BUT I am happy and I am making a life for myself and my daughter by doing what I love to do. Writing.
    Follow your dreams, believe in them, and you just might end up living them.

  2. Andrea Robinson says

    Beautifully put! Three times a day, my phone alarm rings and I write down at least 5-10 things I am grateful for. The feeling of appreciation somehow ignites your life. I can tell the difference on the days when I cop out and don’t do it.

    Changing yourself into a liberated person does not rob others; quite the opposite, in fact. By your example, you will encourage others to be free.

    When I look at myself, I know I am making that change.

    There’s nothing more inspiring as knowing you’re on the right path.

    Rest in peace, dear Michael.


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